Insatiable for Hong Kong

Dear Traveler,

When I entered into the travel agency business, the first thing that caught my attention was Filipinos' insatiable liking for Hong Kong. I first travelled to Hong Kong in the year 2002. Quite late considering that many contemporaries then have traveled to Hong Kong much earlier. I thought that I have checked that on my bucket list and that I have already moved on.

What I discovered now is that this little island is STILL our most visited playground. Sans some period of conflict back in 2010, Hong Kong continues to be the leading destination for holidays.

Why is that, i ask?

Four Seasons. Imagine, just an hour away from the Philippines and your winter wonderland is already at hand. Hong Kong has four seasons and can  be pretty "wintery" in the months of December all the way to even March. Filipinos are very fond of this weather because we hardly get them especially in urban Metro Manila.

Ever New. Hong Kong continues to attract tourists because it has seriously committed itself to providing something new all the time. Despite the size of this city state, the attraction per square mile could give you quite a number of places to see.

Budget. Yes. You can get to Hong Kong on a budget that is if you are the type who can hold on to your wallet tightly as you pass by the attractive deals along Nathan Road, then you'd likely to succeed.  Getting to Hong Kong is comparable to local deals and for some this makes it even more attractive.

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