Journaling and Travel

Singapore visit
Dear Traveler,

Setting up a travel agency was borne out of the hope to build on another enterprise - Journaling. A few of my friends have heard me blabbering about an idea to use journals as a way to promote travel and to enhance it as well. Everyone I spoke to were excited and we were all keeping our fingers crossed.

Apparently, my idea was unfocused and a bit too grand for me. I would only end up biting more than I could chew and render the idea useless.

Meanwhile, I tried to test my own theory : That journaling while on the road IS POSSIBLE.
A page reminiscing my Jakarta and Perth visit

With all the mad rush and preoccupations, how can you scribble your way into rich entries?


Depends on why you are keeping a journal while you are traveling. If it is to RECORD the day, probably not. But if it is used to make you more consciously aware of your surrounding and xperiences, then maybe.

When I started journaling while traveling, I noticed my transformation even before I boarded the plane. I noticed that I am already mentally running through what I'd like to see, get a hands of , what I'd like to taste, smell and feel.  During my travel, I was more eager and aware of what to keep as keepsakes. I started collecting tickets, taking pictures of signages, picking up "flat finds" (as another journal enthusiast calls them) like leaves, napkins, notes, etc. I was also more conscious of my conversations, of my discoveries and the novel things around. I was actively taking the tour for the sake of my journal. Journaling starts even before I picked up my pen.


There are no hard and fast rule on what to write. It is your book and you dictate its tempo. You had a wonderful time? Write about it. You did not get what you expected from your travel? Write about it. No one understood you in the foreign land? Write about it. You were conned by a taxi driver? Write about it. You had the best company? Write about it. Nothing happened? Write about it. The food was great? The rain took charge of your vacation? You know what to do.

If in the end, what you write become a private conversation between you, your journal and God, then so much has been achieved.


Yes, it also helps to have a good, sturdy leather journal that has papers safe for all the clippings you'd like to put. Moreso, I find that when I have a nice journal, the feel of it makes me write more often with more detail.  A good sturdy leather journal can accommodate my goal in writing. The goal is not to make a neat recollection but rather to mess up the journal with the Xperience. If in a muddy terrain, I would dirty up my journal pages with dirt. When having coffee, a coffee mark. When getting wet, bits of water splash on the pages.

I got lucky that when I started this dream to invite people to journal while they travel, I came across a lovely couple who had genuine love for journaling as well. I get my journals from ALUNSINA HANDBOUND BOOKS and have been getting from them for friends and clients eversince.

XPERIENCE TRAVEL SERVICES gives out their passport size journals as a keepsake with selected packages (for now). They were so kind to engrave our name in the leather as well. Talk about sharing the same passion!

If I could see more people find the benefit of journaling as they travel through our assistance, then I would have done well.

Move your feet and discover what lies beyond your doors. Take a journal with you and journey with it.