Dear Traveler, 

Like everyone who has devoted much thought on traveling, you would understand that it is not cheap. However, this reality only adds a layer to the satisfaction that you would feel once you get to your destination.  


Wishing and wanting are two very different things.  Where lies the difference?  In planning to get it of course. Direct your mind to imagine that martini in your hands as you watch sunset off the coast of Bali, or that cruise you are going to take island hopping between the Greek islands or the weight of that bag behind your back as you climb Mount Kilimanjaro.  

Then get into the details of your trip.  Scout for airfare prices, hotel prices, meal prices, tours available, tour packages you can join to narrow down communication and planning time and work on the figure you will come up with. Break down this figure and plan it against a realistic timeline.   At the end of this process, identify an amount you need to save on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. 

There are people who (for sanity sake!) plan to travel a minimum of once a year. Some plan to travel once locally and one time outside the country.  This then gives you an idea how much time you have till your next "due".   

Meet your goals and try to adjust them as you go along.  Save more if you can or get yourself closer to a more realistic amount or timeline.  


Travel Fund Bank Account

It sounds petty but this very effort of segregating an amount to an account solely related to travel may just do the trick.  It requires discipline and at the same time provides motivation when you see the funds building up. I know of some people whose plans get grander the more they realize that they are able to accumulate funds because of a goal.  

Relying on a bonus or wind fall simply does not make the cut for me.  The regularity of the exercise will bring more pay-off in the long run, for travel or other things.  


No. Not yet to your destination.  Our goal here is to create a fund.  My dad always tells us that when you have the money only then will you be able to think clearly.   Let us set aside the holiday first and focus on the process of accumulating. 

Where will you get the funds for travel? Aside from your salary, it is likely that you would have to make sacrifices along the way. Yes, sacrifices.  A little here and a little there until it no longer hurts.  

Some ideas:  

  • Set aside another day (aside from color coding) when you will spare the car. Car pool or commute to work.  
  • If you are in a desk job that does not require you to be in constant communication outside your family, dump your phone plans and stick to a prepaid sim . This way you can control when possible and not over burden your pocket with unnecessary charges. 
  • Control your social dinners.  Invite more people to each luncheon/ dinner. More fun, less cost. 
  • Leave your credit cards at home. Everything seems less expensive when they can be enrolled in an installment plan.  :) However, the instantaneous availability of funds with your card prevents you to think of the necessity of the item.  Think how much more useful your PhP1,000.00 bill in SM as in the streets of Ho Chi Minh in your next travel?  Will that PhP888.00 24-month installment for a new (yet again!) mobile phone equal to the fun you'll experience white water rafting in Chico river or CDO? Focus! Focus!
  • Do a general cleaning and team up with your travel buddies to regularly rid your room of clutter by setting up a garage sale once in a while. It bring you together as you build up funds for your next get away. 
  • Next time you get together with friends, rent a movie and order take-outs (or pot luck) instead of hanging out in restaurants.  
  • Stop smoking... and excessive alcohol . 'Nuff said about that. 
I am sure you are more creative and can think of even more stuff than what is written here. DO NOT think that this post is inviting you to live for travel (although, get real. You already do, just not planned out like this).

There are of course other things you spend for.  Write them down. Evaluate them. Cut out unnecessary items and place an amount to the necessities.  This review will help you arrive at a comfortable amount , however big or small that you could discipline to put entirely to the travel fund as soon as you get your pay check. 

Again, saving up for a travel fund only adds a layer to the experience of travel.  You are more likely to be thoughtful before, during and after your travel when you prepare for your trips this way.