Phuket Thailand

Dear Traveler,

Phuket is now synonymous to the movie "The Beach". But did you know that they also have the "James Bond Island"?

The Island got its name from the famed movie sequel when they used the island as location of 1974 Bond Film " The Man with the Golden Gun".  Surrounded by Mangrove forests and nearby scenic islands, this is one of the many popular tours visitors from all over the world frequent in Phuket.

The Phi Phi Island's name, another amazing island this part of the globe, refer to the mangrove wood found there.  The island is entirely limestone and steep cliffs rising from the sea very nearly ring it. Surrounding waters average about 20 meters in depth, reaching 34 meters at the deepest point off the island's southern tip.

The Phi Phi island is by far the most famous island destination in Phuket. For some, this island may even be the only reason to visit this part of Thailand.

Surrounded by the sea, south sea pearls are also abundant in Phuket. The best place / tour to take to see these sea superstars is through the Koh Rang Yai island tour. Here, you can visit a pearl farm and see demonstrations of how pearls grow and pearl products are even sold. Koh Rang Yai is a beautiful island located on the east coast of Phuket and is only about 15 minutes from the the coast via speed boat.

The Khao Sok Jungle safari is another tour that should not be missed. This virgin rainforest dotted by limestome mountain ranges and rugged high cliffs was established as a national park in 1980. The tour takes you to a canoe ride along limestone mountains covered in jungle vegetation along the banks of the river. Then transfer to a Land Rover, take a short trek to a water fall.

Or how about an elephant jungle trek to Bang Pae waterfall? 

There are simply endless things to discover.

However, if all you need is a lazy stroll and sun bathing along the beach, Phuket boasts of many beaches to do just that. Most famous among them is the Patong beach.