Puerto Princesa

Dear Traveler,

Puerto Princesa is famous for the longest underground system accessible to man - the Puerto Princesa Underground River. It has been hailed as one of the 7 Wonders of Nature in 2011 due to its size, biodiversity, and unique rock formations. Due to the zealous protection of the government of Puerto Princesa which has managed the underground river since 1992, this gem of nature is preserved and continues to be taken cared of for the next generation.

However, Puerto Princesa is not only famous for its Underground River. It is also the gateway to some of Palawan's most beautiful white sand beaches and dive sites in the country. The Honda Bay area is a staple in any traveler's itinerary in Puerto Princesa. With its rich marine life, sand bars and beautiful beaches, it should not be missed. Around this region of the Puerto Princesa Sea is the Dos Palmas Resort.

Nowadays, the towns of Taytay, Narra and El Nido are slowly creeping into the consciousness of our local and international tourists. Although some of them may be 3 to 6 hours away from Puerto Princesa, the Puerto Princesa Internationa Airport remains to be the only airport for commercial planes near these attractions.

Luxury resorts like the Amanpulo and El Nido Lagen, Miniloc , Apulit or Pangalusian charter planes for their guests for worry free and comfortable travel. This of course comes with a hefty price tag. For those who can afford, definitely worth it.

The turtle sanctuary of Arena Island Resort in Narra is 3 hours away from the town proper and offers luxurious accommodation for those who wish to have some peace and quiet.

The choice of resorts is not limited to the affluent. A wide selection of budget friendly resorts and hotels are in the city of Puerto Princesa and in El Nido and nearby towns.

Xperience Puerto Princesa!

See:  The Underground River, Honda Bay, marine life, firefly watching.

Feel:  Sand on your feet, sun on your back, the rush of the sabang or irawan zipline, feel alive!
Hear:  The squeeking of bats, hush of the ocean, critters at night, peace of solitude
Taste: Tamilok, Baker's Hill Hopia, seafood dinner in Kalui or Badjao Restaurant
Smell: clean air!