Coron, Palawan

Dear Traveler,

I call this part of the Philippines, the other Palawan. Although there are no iconic landmarks or UNESCO recognized sites, there are considerably better places to visit here for water lovers.

For one, the bodies of water here are not confined to the sea. Coron has hot spings, lakes, lagoon and the ocean in the most parts. Like in Puerto Princesa, the people of Coron has succeeded in doing their part in Palawan's quest to be the Philippines' last frontier.

I especially loved the Twin Lagoon. To reach the Twin Lagoon, you have to SWIM UNDER A MOUNTAIN! It is not exactly that but I like telling it that way to make it more exciting. Well, on with the story. The lagoon is enveloped by limestone "mountains" and you have to swim below a gap to enter the lagoon. At the point where the salt water meets the fresh water of the lagoon, you can actually feel that warm,cold, lukewarm feel of the confluence of the two bodies of water.
Although it is not a snorkeling site, the fresh clean water is welcome respite to my skin burning with the salt and sun of our whole day of island hopping.

Another place to see is the Kayangan Lake. To get to the Lake, you would have to make a short trek of about 15 minutes. Do not fear the climb. Actually, because of the uneven steps of the rustic stairs through the trek, it is easier to go up than down. Half way through your trek is a "picture nook" over looking the most photographed part of Coron. In days where there are a lot of tourists, you might even have to line up to have your picture taken here.

Upon reaching the top and a short descend, you could finally dip into the cold, refreshing waters of Kayangan. But no, this is  not the thing to go for in Kayangan. If you have your underwater camera, they you are in luck. The lake is very deep and the view below is spectacular! Surrounded by limestones and big rock formations below, it is often described as "like a moonscape" scene. I personally felt overwhelmed by the cave like formations the clear indication that the lake is indeed very deep. But as you swim through several more times, you are left only with awe and (as for me) a deep regret I do not have an underwater camera with me.

The most famous (and nearest to the town) snorkeling site is the Siete Pecados Marine Park. It is surrounded by 7 small islands thus the name. Being a protected area, the underwater is simply divine. Even if you do not dive or snorkel, you are sure to spot fishes to you heart's content in this place. They are simply all over the place!

Located near the Siete Pecados is the Maquinit hot spring. Salt water hot spring? What else do you need to prove it is good for your body? :)

Shipwreck areas for snorkeling, the Barracuda Lake, Japanese shipwreck, coral garden (where we almost swam with a sea turtle) the Malcapuya island and many more.

There are many more places to see (safari like you mean? ) and explore in Coron. Make sure you have enough days so as to allow you to take it slow and restfully go from one wonderful place to the next.

Yes, this other Palawan is my Palawan.