Benefits of a Travel Insurance Policy

Dear Traveler, 

Like you, I am a holder of various life insurance policies that makes me feel very secure in terms of the things and people I will leave behind if something unfortunate happens to me.  Thus, I have always been obstinate in terms of getting travel insurances thinking that it will only be redundant to what I already  have. 

I was wrong.  Traveling has its own peculiar needs that may require from you more than what your usual life insurance/ accident insurance can give.  

Travel insurance is a product tailor-fitted to the needs of a traveler you. It does not only take care of expenses on your life or health. It may also take care of concerns on your documents, flight delays, etc.  Things that are unique to people on the go.  

Xperience Travel Services uses BLUE CROSS INSURANCE INC. for our client's travel insurance needs.   

Here are some of the benefits that you may (as I have) missed in terms of using travel insurances.  I tell you, it very comforting to know that there is such an instrument to take care of eventualities during my clients travels.  

1.  Medical Treatment:  This covers your hospitalization, surgery, visits to registered physicians or specialists, prescribed medicines, emergency ambulance and emergency care due to a covered illness or injury as well as emergency dental treatment treatment due to accident occuring during your travel.  

2.  Hospital Income.  This provides a daily income of up to ten consecutive days of your hospitalization in excess of 24 hours from time of admission.  

3.  Personal Accident.  This covers when an accident occurs while travelling resulting in death or total / permanent disability.   

4.  Personal Liability.  This covers expenses you might incur if you have caused another person's accidental death, bodily injury or damage to property because of situations beyond your control while traveling. 

5.  Baggage Delay.  This covers you when your checked-in baggage has been delayed, misdirected, or temporarily misplaced in delivery for more tan 6 hours from the time you arrived at your destination.  

6.  Baggage loss or damage.  This covers your baggage including clothing, prescribed medicines, bags, footwear and other personal effects, if they have been lost or damaged during your travel.

7.  Loss of travel documents.    This covers replacement fee of your passports if they are lost during your travel.  

8.  Trip Cancellation.  This provides reimbursements for the unused and non-refundable portion of your travel and accommodation expenses, penalties and other irrevocable pre-paid charges related to the trip.  Conditions should of course meet the criteria of the insurance company.  

9.  Trip Termination.  This provides reimbursements when a need for  you to terminate your trip due to conditions that meet the insurance company's criteria. 

10.  Flight Delay.  This covers if your flight is delayed for a prescribed number of hours (6-12 hours varying depending on the insurance company)  due to severe weather conditions, natural catastrophe or technical failure of the aircraft on which you are scheduled to board. 

11.  Missed Connecting flight.  This covers you if you missed your onward connecting flight due to the late arrival of your incoming flight and no alternative onward transportation is made available to you .  

12.  Strikes and Hijacks.  This provides a daily allowance for a maximum of ten days for each full day your travel is delayed for more than twelve hours from reaching your scheduled destination due to organized industrial action , strike or hijack.  

13.  Funeral and Burial  Expenses.  This covers the cost of funeral and burial expenses to be incurred at the point of origin if death occurs due to a covered disability or medical condition  while traveling. 

14.  Emergency Assistance Benefits:  Emergency Medical Evacuation, Emergency Medical Repatriation,  Compassionate visits, return of mortal remains, care of children ( if they are left unattended as a result of death, illness accident or emergency evacuation) .  Your insurance may even cover (subject to prior arrangements) :  medical monitoring, prescription assistance, emergency message transmission, interpreter and legal referrals and emergency cash coordination. 

Now, with all of that, don't you think a travel insurance policy should be a part of responsible traveling? 



Plan inclusions may differ between products and companies.u.  So if you have a very particular need for any of the services below, do make sure to make a mention of it to your travel agent.

Different plans have different Maximum Benefit Amount (MBA) for each of the benefits mentioned.  For example, personal accident insurance may have a maximum of PhP1,000,000.00 but your damaged baggage may only be insured for PhP50,000.00.

There are embassies that may require you to get travel insurances and may even prescribe a minimum amount of MBA or even a 10 day additional day allowance so it is prudent to inform your agent of the specific embassy you are applying with for you to be properly advised.